Wedding Photographer London – Some good news? Marriages in England 2013.

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Wedding Photographer London – Some good news?

If you’re a wedding photographer or connected to the wedding industry here’s some interesting info I’d like to share. These stats have been beautifully collated and presented by I happened across them on the wonderful English Wedding Blog.

As a Wedding Photographer London, I think this could possibly be good news. A sign that the UK is finally emerging from five years of economic doom and gloom? Fortunately I’ve seen my business growing year on year. But I constantly hear wedding photographers comment that bookings are down. Probably many reasons contributing but perhaps the data also suggests that some confidence is returning to the market. In recent years it’s possible that couples have been nervous about spend their savings on a big wedding day. Factors such as future job security and saving for a home deposit. Let’s hope it’s a sign of positive news and not a statistical blip.

What else can we decipher from all the numbers? ‘The Wedding Secret’ have done a great job of decoding the data but my thoughts are these:

  • The age that couples get hitched seems to have dipped slightly but the trend is still around the mid thirties. Hopefully that means a bigger wedding budget too!
  • The new legislation for Civil Partnerships and approved premises means the majority of ceremonies in the UK are now non religious. No surprises there. I just hope that this will also mean that Gay and Lesbian couples can soon have the option of a religious ceremony (hurry up God).
  • Cohabitation is still the fastest growing relationship status. We need a cohabitation ceremony to celebrate this.
  • Finally, if you’re a wedding photographer based in Sandwell near Birmingham, move to Rutland!



Weddings in England By The Wedding Secret


  1. Some really interesting stats here. Its interesting to see how many civil ceremonies as apposed to religious ones, clearly we live in different times.

  2. Some great stats – thanks for sharing

  3. Makes for fascinating reading Loz. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Interesting article

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