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Cornwall Wedding Photographer at Bodrugan Barton Farm

Being a Cornwall Wedding Photographer is the best feeling when the British Summer is in full swing. That South East tip of England has some of the best coastline in the UK. Not to mention the surf, golden beaches, hidden coves, deserted mines and rolling green fields. It’s definitely a very magical place. You can understand why since Roman times the Cornish have always considered themselves a separate province. Now it’s ruled by King Stein of Padstow!

Cornwall Wedding Photographer at work.

Being a Cornwall Wedding Photographer means I get to photograph a fabulous wedding at Bodrugan Barton Farm. A family run farm just outside of Mevagissey. The farm has a large barn for events and some beautiful cottages and studios to rent. A really lovely setting for Ben and Shima’s wedding. The ceremony itself takes place down the hill, across a field, along a valley until finally we’re at the right spot overlooking a cove and a spectacular view of the Atlantic. The bride has a slightly easier time as she’s transported to the ceremony in the bucket of a rather large Tractor! I’m not quite sure what health and safety have to say about that! Two of their closest friends conduct the ceremony through loud hailers.

There’s plenty of laughter and lots of love for Shima and Ben who are so obviously deeply in love. As the guests make their way back to the farm I take the couple for a gentle photo walk on the beach. Things get a bit more strenuous when we climb a hill, scale the barbed wire and get some photos in a golden wheat field.

Finally we’re back up the hill to the farm and lots of fun and games. Piñata, hay bale rolling, crochet and cock-a-hoop included before feastimg on hog roast, guzzling champagne and emotional speeches. Finally the night goes off with a bang to an amazing band called the Blue Suns.

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