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As a Creative Wedding Photographer it means a lot to me that clients enjoy my work. As a Creative Wedding Photographer I want my clients to loove the photos from their wedding well after the hangover has gone. It’s not even really for them but for the generations that follow. Ideal clients appreciate the value of Wedding Photography. This is where the value of wedding photography lies, says Lorenzo of Lorenzo Photography. Here’s an interview I did for Bride: “Ideal Clients Appreciate the Value of Wedding Photography”: Behind the Lens with Lorenzo Photography

I hope you enjoy reading it. And hopefully you will also appreciate why I believe not choosing just any photographer is important. A Creative Wedding Photographer will be someone you trust to deliver that fits your style. A photographer who ‘gets you’ and how you visualise your day. Most importantly the person who’s invested hours in their craft to deliver images that define you now and in the future.

What makes a Creative Wedding Photographer?

Everyone’s a photographer but not all photographers are the same! Each photographer has a different style that they’ve honed over the years. Then theres the actual working relationship. You’ll be sharing some intimate moments and space so it’s critical you feel comfortable together and the chemistry works.

Bottom line. Always take the time to research photographers. It’ll soon be obvious which ones not only have a passion for their work but also the quality of  their images. Once you have a shortlist get in touch with a brief description of your day outlining venues and timings. If possible a budget is helpful. Don’t be fooled by cheap deals. The best photographers won’t be cheap but once you meet them and learn about what they do and how they do it you’ll understand why quality costs.

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