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I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been featured as a Destination Wedding Photographer on the French Wedding Style blog. As a Destination Wedding Photographer it’s a great result. This blog is written by Monique and features awesome tips and information for couples planning a wedding in France. It’s written by Monique, a renowned blogger specialising in France based weddings. Overseas weddings are very popular with couples from the UK. There are lots of appealing reasons for getting married in France. Beautiful Chateaus, awesome style, great wines and delicious French food are just a few. The weather though not guaranteed might also be a great reason to travel. However do bear in mind that it’s not easy for all of your guests to travel, especially those with young children. Similarly it might not be easy for older family members.

The wedding featured on the French Wedding Style blog was photographed over two days in France not far from Le Mans. It was a blisteringly hot couple of days that I wont easily forget. Partly because it was an awesome location but also because I must’ve lost 2kg from perspiration! This was the second destination wedding with my first being in New York. I’m really hoping there will be many more and countries like Vietnam, Bali and China feature high on my hit list. In contrast I’d also like to photograph a few closer to home in Scandinavian countries and Eastern Europe.

Destination Wedding Photographer Costs

If you’re considering booking a destination wedding photographer then do get in contact. I charge a reasonable fixed fee for overseas work. In addition I will charge for reasonable travel and accommodation costs. Furthermore do bear in mind that due to equipment required for the wedding it may not always be possible to travel with a budget airline. Finally be brave and just do what works best for you both.

Destination Wedding Photographer

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