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Here are some answers to the questions I’m often asked.

Client Galleries

  • Links to private client galleries are sent to you via email with password and link info. You’re always welcome to share with friends and family.
  • I’m also happy to add a gallery to my FaceBook Business Page so that you can share, tag and comment.


  • A booking is only secured once the ‘Save the Date’ deposit has been received and a wedding agreement signed.
  • Communication and updates are critical. I’m here to help so please do get in touch to explore ideas or get advice, my experience can be invaluable.
  • We all want perfect weather on the day but if there’s a chance of rain please have an umbrella handy. Preferably white to avoid any nasty colour casts.
  • If you’re nervous about being in front of the camera please don’t worry. Just be natural and don’t over pose. I’ll guide you if need be but remember I’m here to help you look your best.
  • I’m always happy to work with professional Videographers. The stills photographer takes priority during the wedding and should have a clear unobstructed view of key events.
  • If you’d like a bride and groom only photo session to take advantage of the venue and location then please factor in around 30-40 minutes within your wedding timetable.
  • I never use flash during wedding ceremonies and will always work discreetly within the church or wedding venues photo protocol.
  • Venue lighting is important and where possible I prefer not to use flash. Think about where the speeches will take place. Check what lighting your DJ plans to use during your first dance. Mirror balls can be interesting but green and red polka dots are less attractive!
  • If your wedding/reception venue charges a fee to photographers not on the approved vendor list then this will be added to your photography fee.
  • I normally arrange my own transport to and from weddings but occasionally for practical purposes it might be necessary to travel with the Bride/Groom or wedding party.
  • You can expect a minimum of 35 images per hour I attend.
  • Unless specified, as part of the creative process I will select which images are processed for colour or Black & White
  • Please allow 30 working days from the date of your wedding before your images are available for viewing.
  • Where I attend for 4 hours or more I will need some light refreshment and subsistence.
  • I have full Public and Employee Liability Insurance.

Corporate Portraits and Headshots

  • Portrait Sessions are based on your approved brief and specifications to include style, lighting and background.
  • Portrait locations can be at the work place, home or an outdoor location (weather dependent). Studio sessions are an option but there will be an additional charge of £50 per hour.
  • If the portrait session is at the workplace then please ensure I have adequate access and space for lighting and backgrounds if required.
  • I will do some minimal retouching to enhance portraits and remove small blemishes.
  • Please be prepared with your choice of appropriate clothing, hairstyle and where necessary cosmetics (particularly oily skin). I can provide a make up artist if necessary.

Family Portraits

  • Family photo sessions are designed to be fun. There’s no time pressure and I always make an allowance in case you need to feed or change a nappy!
  • Please take some time to look at my image galleries. My style is relaxed reportage. I take natural photos of you and your children interacting spontaneously as a family in a familiar environment.
  • From experience timing is generally better early morning after a good nights sleep and a full tummy, but mum will always know best.
  • Location is up to you. At your home or a nearby park. Naturally this will be weather (and light) dependent. Due to booking commitments you’ll need to agree to your home being contingency if an outdoor photo session isn’t practical.
  • Having 3 boys of my own I know that young children and toddlers can be highly unpredictable, full of energy and not always compliant. I always work hard to get the best images of your children but some shots cannot be guaranteed.
  • During image processing I will do some minimal retouching to remove small blemishes. If your child has a runny nose or is teething please have a wipe or muslin handy.
  • Please be prepared with your choice of clothing, hair and cosmetics. I normally recommend wearing comfortable clothing. Bright colours and patterns work well.
  • If your child is unwell it’s better to cancel and re-book the session at least 24 hours in advance. Once I attend I cannot cancel or re-shoot.
  • Unless you specify otherwise, as part of my creative process I will select which prints I believe work better as either colour or B&W.
  • Depending on the seasonal workload it can take up to 2 weeks before images are ready for viewing and another 4 days to deliver prints once an order is placed.


  • My minimum coverage is 2 hours.
  • Quotes are based on a written brief. Details to include timings, coverage details, specific events, number of guests, and key people.
  • If coverage required is 4 hours or more then some light refreshment and subsistence should be made available.


  • I work with the latest Nikon DSLR’s (currently 2 x D5’s) and Prime Lenses. I prefer working with natural light but in poor lighting I use Nikon Speedlights with remote triggers or Bowens lights and modifiers for studio set ups.
  • Copyright for all images remains with me and may be used by me from time to for promotional purposes. I will never use images which may be considered distasteful or cause distress.
  • All personal data will be kept strictly confidential.
  • I can supply a wide range of print sizes and formats, bespoke photobooks, books, brochures, catalogues and promotional items.

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