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Maybe a Goring Hotel Wedding is just the thing for a glamorous central London wedding. Furthermore if you’re looking for style and intimacy then the Goring Hotel Wedding is perfect for you. This couple made this Goring Hotel wedding their own unique space and hence an incredible international wedding. The groom was Indian and the bride from China. Families flew in from Germany, China and Canada. The brides preps took place at the Hilton London Hotel in Wembley. Maybe a very good choice because the wedding ceremony was at Brent register office in Brent Town Hall. Furthermore it included the Wembley Stadium arch as a famous landmark backdrop. I loved this venue. An ultra modern glass building with lots of open space. Maybe I’m also a biased coffee addict since there’s a Starbucks on the ground floor!

In contrast the Goring Hotel is in a beautiful old building just yards from Buckingham Palace. Probably why Kate Middletons family used it around the wedding to Prince William. Unfortunately I didn’t get to photograph that wedding! An interesting fact about the hotel is that apparently it was the first hotel where every room had its own bathroom and central heating. Seems like that trend caught on.

The couple had a fantastic reception and wedding breakfast in the downstairs function room. Despite being on the lower ground there’s plenty of light. Because this couple wanted something different they decided on an alternative to dancing after cutting the cake. Hence a chocolate making workshop with My Chocolate. I’ve never seen so many laughs. First the guests put on an apron to protect themselves from the obvious chocolate carnage. Then a very interesting talk about chocolate. It’s origins, history, uses and culture. Finally an exercise in making chocolate truffles. Certainly sweet success for this couple!

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