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I always feel privileged to be an Ivy Dining Room Event Photographer. The Ivy private dining room got to be the best private fining room in London. Every event is guaranteed to be extra special. The staff are fun as well as attentive. The food is incredible, especially the Beef Wellington! If you’re lucky you’ll be entertained by Esther playing baby grand piano and accompanied by a couple of jazz musicians on double bass and drums. As an Ivy Dining Room Event Photographer I just love the space. The dining room is upstairs from the main entrance. The space is cosy, seating 60 guests and the lighting is warm and soft. The first thing you see is an exquisite central bar. Contemporary art hangs on the wood panelled wall. The light of Soho’s Theatre land filters through the coloured Harlequin glass windows. Just an amazing atmosphere.

Ivy Dining Room Event Photographer

The party I was covering this evening was a double 40th birthday party for a pair of American twins from New York. One living and working in London and her sister making a special trip from New York for this memorable occasion. I’d met with the London based sister a couple of times previously to discuss the evening. Full of energy, always smiling and planning every meticulous detail. Clearly she wanted a night to remember and to make sure their guests were well and truly entertained and looked after. At The Ivy private dining room that’s virtually guaranteed.

As an Ivy Dining Room Event Photographer I know the challenges. My cameras need to work hard given the low light. I don’t like to use speed lights in such close proximity. Also once guests arrive, I know they’ll all congregate around the front bar area. Impossible for me to move so I’m constantly walking through the dining area to get to the other side. Often it feels like a dance as I bob and weave around the staff and guests. It;s well worth the effort though. Before long guests forget you’re there and after a few drinks they’re relaxed and laughing.


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