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Kensington Palace Events

Kensington Palace Events are always rather special and this is no exception. This Kensington Palace event was a milestone birthday at Kensington Palace. The party began with a tour of the State Apartments. Then a sumptuous celebration on the edge of Londons Hyde park. Guests were fed mouth watering food with impeccable service from Alison Price. The after dinner entertainment was sarcastic, cynical and quick witted. Thanks to stand up comedian Simon Evans. Some events followed up with after drinks at nearby Kensington Roof Gardens. Kensington Palace Events can also host more intimate events in the Orangery. It’s a perfect venue for corporate entertaining. Even fine dining and VIP functions. Summer weekends see Kensington Palace booked up for glamorous weddings. So along with its famous rooms there’s a superb sunken garden and ornamental pond. It’s a great venue for launching an impressive fireworks display to blow away your guests.

Kensington Palace Events continued.

If you’re really lucky you might just glimpse a royal in residence. I’ve definitely not spotted one yet. So ever since the 17th century Kensington Palace has been the favoured residence for many British Monarchs. Hence it is currently home to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their baby George. Formerly it was the home of Charles and Diana. Architecturally it’s not changed too much from its original structure. So it began as a humble Jacobean Mansion in Kensington Village. However the architect Christopher Wren was responsible for most of what Kensington Palace looks like today. As a result here have been many modifications over the years. Hence sadly it didn’t escape bombing during World War Two. Finally I love working at Kensington Palace all year round. The light is always fantastic and you can hardly believe that you’re in the heart of one of the worlds greatest cities.

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