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I love being a Kensington Wedding Photographer in London. And todays Kensington wedding is going to be a rather special one at Kensington Palace. It’s a beautiful crisp sunny autumn morning and the day starts early. The Bride is preparing for her big day at home on Chelsea Wharf. Once again it’s a long day for a Kensington Wedding Photographer. After brides preps we move on to Chelsea Register Office Kings Road for the ceremony. The bride and groom turn up separately in his and hers white Rolls Royce! It’s an intimate ceremony with close friends and family but outside the sun is still shining. After stopping for a few photo’s on the steps of Chelsea register office we head to The Orangery at Kensington Palace for a sumptuous reception. The Bride looks absolutely stunning in her beautiful Ana Cristache bridal gown and Arun Seth shoes.

Kensington Wedding Photographer continued.

Alison Price created an awesome show for the couple and their guests. Everything was executed to stunning perfection. It makes my job as a Kensington Wedding Photographer so much easier. Inspired touches by the Bride & Groom included a simple and elegant colour scheme for the day. Magnificent master oil paintings are the backdrop for the wedding breakfast. A contemporary electric violin quartet and heavenly harpist play background music. The tempo moves up a couple of notches with a realistic Lady Gaga tribute act. For those wanting to relax there’s Croquet on the lush green palace lawn. Next everyone was gathered together for a private tour of Kensington Palace. As dusk fell a troupe of traditional Chinese dancers and musicians appeared for a show. Finally a dazzling finale of fireworks over Kensington Palace and Hyde Park! Videographer Andrew from The Filming Business did a stunning job creating the couples wedding video.

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