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Mayfair Party Photographer

Being a Mayfair Party Photographer is a lot of fun. As Mayfair Party Photographer I’m fortunate to attend some very special parties. One place I particularly love is the eclectic Sketch on Conduit Street. This restaurant and gallery bar is a photographers dream. Everywhere you look there’s something investing that begs to be included as part of the set.

Sketch is a stunningly designed destination for food, drink and entertainment. It occupies two floors of an 18th century building in London’s Mayfair. Almost every surface is covered with some incredible piece of art. The brief was to photograph a small and intimate gathering celebrating a 21st birthday. The birthday girl had hired the Lecture Room which is upstairs and adjacent to the Michelin starred dining room. Flash photography isn’t allowed which is fine with me since I rarely use flash. The lighting is very soft and ambient which can be a challenge. But not for my Nikon DSLR’s. I work mostly with primes wide open and it easily devours every bit of available light. It’s the perfect tool for a Mayfair Party Photographer. Once processed I know I’ll be very happy with the results. So was my client who now has some lovely photo’s to mark her 21st with!

Mayfair Party Photographer smiles.

I should just mention how impressed I was with the staff at Sketch. They’re extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. As a Mayfair Party Photographer it’s refreshing to feel welcomed by experienced staff who also care about providing their clients with service that’s second to none. can’t wait to revisit Sketch as a Mayfair Party Photographer again.

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