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Naming Ceremony Photography is a subtle blend of event photography and a family photography in one. This summer I was asked to photograph another naming ceremony for a family living nearby in Camberwell. I love naming ceremonies. They’re created from the hearts of the parents who want to celebrate their children’s arrival on our planet. It’s high summer in Camberwell and the weather looks like it’s holding. The cakes, treats and sandwiches are ready as the guests arrive. Much excitement and anticipation is in the air. Especially for the two young brothers. Just the perfect atmosphere for naming ceremony photography. The house will be filled with laughter and kids shrieking with excitement. And also tears of joy. Two special young boys are going to be celebrated. Proud parents and grandparents standby full of love. All the boys can think of is cakes, sweets and crisps. And who can blame them!

Naming Ceremony Photography in Camberwell

The ‘Guide Parents’ are trusted extended family members with the love and all the qualities to support the boys through childhood and beyond. As the afternoon gets hotter, rain looks like a distant thought. Each ‘Guide Parent’ and special friend steps up to say a few words, read a poem or sing. There’s even a special guest from Australia makes a Skype appearance via laptop. Moments like these will be relished as the boys grow and look back. Everyone will treasure this day. Family events like these build upon the strong bonds that tie a family and close friends together. An occasion that cements  relationships so important to families. For me as a photographer it’s always a privilege to witness and record these celebrations. All of the love and warmth directed towards these two little boys is quite moving. Memories might fade but photos will be there for generations.

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