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Party Photography

Party Photography examples up to 2013 and below you’ll find a little YouTube clip assembled by Jason Noblett from Togwire – Thank you Jason. See if you can spot Thandie Newton, Vivienne Westwood & Neneh Cherry. There’s also Paloma Faith, Edith Bowman and the beautiful Rosario Dawson!

Not just a party photographer but also photograph many varied events. These include awards, functions and corporate presentations. I’m also very fortunate to have worked at many iconic venues. Restaurants, concert venues, country mansions and conference centres around the country. Examples like Kensington Palace, The Ivy, Babington House and Sketch. Also many private clubs like The Century and Savile Club and larger venues such as The Roundhouse and East Midlands Conference Centre. As a party photographer based in London I’m not just restricted to London. I’ll happily travel by train, plane or car and attend an opening in Scotland. It can be parties in Manchester, functions in Leeds or conferences in Nottingham. Sometimes they’re events with celebrities but sadly I don’t always know what they’re famous for!

Party Photography Approach

I’m comfortable with large functions or private intimate occasions. My expertise is photography in conditions where lighting is difficult and low. It’s a skill honed over many years and coupled with exceptional Nikon cameras and fast prime lenses. Discretion, a calm disposition and the ability to be almost invisible is also important. I’m not one to walk around blasting guests with flash! I find that very intrusive since my approach is all about capturing events as they really are. People enjoying themselves naturally and not conscious of me prowling about. I also want to realistically photograph the ambience, colour and lighting as it really is. Organisers put their heart and soul into creating these occasions so my job is to convey their ambitions. Of course there are occasions where I will use flash but generally thats reserved for award giving, speeches and presentations.

Music by Sabres of Paradise. Smokebelch II

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