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Working as a UK Wedding Photographer it’s an honour to be interviewed by Your Perfect Wedding Photographer. Only a select bunch of wedding photographers are interviewed and featured. It’s a complete resource for couples searching for trusted wedding photographers. There are wedding photographers to suit every style and budget. So if you hire a photographer from YPW you’ll be in very good hands. Hence a lot of couples use this resource and are really pleased they did. If I was getting married I’d probably do the same. But I’m not planning to do that yet. So far as I know.

UK Wedding Photographer Lorenzo Photography.

As a UK Wedding Photographer it was as a lovely surprise to be interviewed. Lorenzo Photography is my brand and my real name is Lorenzo Ali. I do my best to represent the best things about wedding photography. I’m born in London but my heritage is a mixed one. I’ve always been a Londoner apart from a few years in Moscow and Johannesburg. My mother is from Milan My father is from Guyana in South America. My grandfather was born in a tiny village South of Mumbai in India. His Grandfather was from Hong Kong.

UK Wedding Photographer Interview.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading my interview although I doubt it’s riveting. You’ll learn a bit about me and what makes me tick. My thoughts about the industry and how I work. My total belief in honesty, integrity and hard work. I follow my own instincts and work with a style that is not over processed. My approach is more reportage rather than staged. I make images that will last the test of time and deliver moments to remember. Photos you’ll want to share. Finally I make memories for future generations.

UK Wedding Photographer interview : Interview Lorenzo Photography


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