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USB Memory Card Wedding Photos are now available for your wedding, event and portrait images. The new USB Memory options I now supply make it possible to plug and play your images wherever you are. Previously I’ve been offering high res image files on disc. From now on you have the option of receiving high resolution images on two types of branded USB Memory sticks. The USB card and the USB Pod. For all Standard commissions images are be supplied on a USB keyring Pod. Really handy for sharing images of your children, family gathering or important event. The USB Pod slips into your handbag or pocket easily and attaches to your everyday key fob. Wedding image files will be supplied on a smart credit card sized brushed Aluminium USB Memory Card. These come presented in a little neat black magnetic flip top box.

How to use your USB Memory Card

Simply pull out the minimalist USB connection. Plug into your device and you’re ready to view and share images from a wonderful day! So do contact me if you’d like more information on USB Memory Cards. I also supply digital files via the Cloud on DropBox and other file sharing sites if you prefer. Other file sharing options are available like WeTransfer and Google Drive. If you have a favourite just let me know. Lastly, please, please remember to back up your USB card or pod. Nothing worse than losing your cherished images. I do archive images but of course retrieving them takes time and does involve a small charge. Much safer to have a copy of your own safely at home or in the Cloud. USB Memory Card Wedding Photos are the future! STOP PRESS! Since this was written images are now mostly delivered straight to your device.

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