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Wedding Photographer Surrey with Rosie and Max.

As a Wedding Photographer Surrey it was a treat to cover Rosie and Max’s wedding. Rosie’s background in Event Management and Corporate Hospitality meant I knew this was going to be special wedding. Rosie and Max are the most energetic and passionate couple I’ve ever met. Their families were incredibly warm and welcoming too. The wedding day began with brides preps at Rosie’s parents home in Epsom. The reception party would be held later in a paddock behind the house. Rosie looked fantastic in her stunning off the shoulder wedding dress. From Epsom we travelled to St Mary the Virgin Church in Headley. A traditional Victorian Church situated just a stones throw from the Cock Inn. A welcoming country pub with glowing open fireplaces. Just what was needed on a nippy January Saturday! After the ceremony the bride and groom walked from the church as a Scotsman played Bagpipes.

Wedding Photographer Surrey continued.

Group photos took place in the car park of the Church. After group photo’s everyone headed off to the reception. A trail of candle lit glass lanterns led a path up to the Marquee. Staff greeted the wedding party with Champagne and Canapés. The ceiling of the Marquee was covered in twinkling star lighting. The candle lit tables were decorated with little posies of Roses. The reception party was nothing less than fantastic. As part of the entertainment a friend sang along with his guitar. The big event of the evening came from Rosie and her Bridesmaids. A funny choreographed song about her new husband that had everybody in stitches! As a Wedding Photographer Surrey this is one of my favourite weddings in Surrey. A huge thank you to Alison Price and Company for organising an incredible reception. Rosie and Max are an incredible couple.


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